DogPark Lanscaping, May 2009

DogPark Lanscaping, May 2009
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2009-05 DogPark Lanscaping

Thursday, May 25, 2006

First Entry: I am Born

  • March, 2006 - Mom communicated with Sandie Ward of Great Lakes Labradoodles, in Michigan, USA, and filled out puppy application and joined waiting list.
    Mom and Sandie traded updates and pics of Mom & Dad. Everyone was waiting for Truffles to give birth.
  • April, 2006 - Mom hosts hosts a "puppy shower" for Celeste, who will be the human primarily taking care of me. There is cake, games, and most importantly toys for the future puppy (Milo).
  • April 19, 2006 - I was born to Truffles (brown) and Flint (cream) at Great Lakes Labradoodles. I had 7 brothers and sisters. I was 2nd smallest (but, of course, *most adorable*) puppy.
  • April 22, 2006 - Mom picks me, Orange Boy. At first family wanted a girl. (*disappointed Milo sigh); Then Chad (only boy with 3 sisters) started crying and said he wanted a puppy but could not handle living with any more girls! Mom quickly changed selection to me, Orange Boy, a.k.a the future Milo.
  • May 25, 2006 - My human family came to visit me at Great Lakes Labradoodles; Grandpa and Christa's friend came too. They took a ferry across Lake Michigan. My future family met my bio Mom, Truffles, my siblings and my first home. At 5 weeks I was getting weaned. I lived in a puppy crate in a fancy house, in the living room with an expensive oriental carpet.
    Family were very sad when they left. 1) They left a towel with smells from whole human family that I slept with from then on. 2) Celeste (human who loved me most) slept with the T-shirt she wore that day every night, so she would remember my puppy smell.