DogPark Lanscaping, May 2009

DogPark Lanscaping, May 2009
Posed of course (A dog in a wheelbarrow?) - Check out my expression

2009-05 DogPark Lanscaping

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I have to Pose in a Wheelbarrow

May 16, 2009: Yep, Dog Park volunteers and dogs meet at dog park with shovels & rakes. Purpose: To seed grass in the large spots that have been worn bare. Landscaper brings 3 truckloads of dirt. Humans wheelbarrow it to bare patches of ground and rake it smooth. At least 15 people pitch in. it is freezing and very windy. Mom resorts to winter jacket and rabbit fur hat.

Dogs join in too: frolicking and kicking up the dirt; sniffing for rodents and worms; in some cases making nuisances of themselves. A couple of dogs stopped by and were excellent diggers (see picture, above) and flattened a mound of dirt in short order.

While waiting for the last load of dirt, grown-ups started posing kids and dogs in the wheelbarrow. I felt this was highly undignified, but when Mom gets hold of the camera, it's easier to just comply (check out my expression)